Why This Blog? Part 2

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“The Gospel is to be something more than just something we know….”


Have You Read Part 1?

As I mentioned in the previous post, there is a gospel resurgence in our day. And let me say loudly, I LOVE IT! This has given birth to many sermons, books, blogs, and more. It is a very good thing that the evangelical community preaches and writes to bring clarity as to: what the Gospel is! In our day, too many professing Christians are unable to communicate the gospel. Not necessarily because they are afraid to, but because they do not know the gospel. We need the true gospel, the gospel we read of in our Bibles.  This is the gospel that men have died defending in days gone by and in our day as well.  In our day, some well intentioned believers: water the gospel down to a statement such as….. God is love. And yes, God is definitely love! His Word tells us this much.  But, God is MORE than love.  (See post coming soon: What Is The Gospel?). It is my desire to help you to not only KNOW the gospel but also help you to live IN THE GOOD OF THE GOSPEL!! What does this mean?

To illustrate: I love BBQ!

Kyle Shropshire getting it done!
Kyle Shropshire getting it done!

Recently I tasted the best BBQ I have ever tasted.  I wasn’t at a chain restaurant, nor was I at a costly high end affair. Actually, I was in the backyard of my friends – the Shropshire’s. The Shropshire’s are a large family who love Jesus and love BBQ! They can smoke meat with the best of them! The Shropshire’s could teach a class on BBQing and write best selling books on BBQing! I recently told one of them (Peter) “you guys should open a restaurant!” Now, If the Shropshire’s taught a class and you read their book and gained all the insights you needed to cook a backyard BBQ like the Shropshire’s, but you NEVER did a BBQ…. I would say you are not living in the good of your BBQ knowledge! What a waste of BBQ knowledge! The resurgence of Gospel content is wonderful!!! I am thankful for greater gospel precision and understanding! But the gospel of Jesus Christ is intended to be something MORE than just something we KNOW. It is to have a profound affect on all of life.  And so, this blog will attempt to write easy to grasp, brief blogs on connecting the gospel to all of life. Some of the topics I hope to examine in future posts are:

  • The gospel and marriage, parenting, relationships, suffering, prayer, and….

Perhaps, you have a category you would like us to tackle. Feel free to make a suggestion, but it needs to relate to making gospel connections. Also, please feel free to contact me with gospel connections you are making in your life.

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