Meet Mike Bullmore


Mike BullmoreOn Fridays I hope to introduce to you some friends who are making Gospel Connections.  Today, meet Mike Bullmore Pastor of CrossWay Community Church in Bristol, WI.  Mike’s sermon titled:  The Functional Centrality of the Gospel has been a favorite of mine for quite a few years.  I have listened and read this sermon a number of times and have benefited from it in so many ways.  I am hopeful that Mike’s sermon will serve you in helping you understand further what I am driving at here on the Gospel Connections blog.  So, grab a coffee and notepad, or download this and listen to it during your commute and…. enjoy!

Click Here To Listen To:  The Functional Centrality Of The Gospel

You can also check out more sermons by Mike:  Here

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2 thoughts on “Meet Mike Bullmore”

  1. Thanks Tim, I made some time to listen to Mike’s message this morning. His “Gospel –> Gospel truths –> Gospel Living” illustration was really powerful with the flywheel imagery. Like he said at the beginning: this is a foundational truth upon which all Christian living/ministry is based (paraphrase). Thanks for the recommendation. When I saw Mike’s résumé included Trinity Evangelical Divinity School I knew I was going to hear something good!

    1. Thanks for giving it a listen Steve! Obviously, Mike is addressing pastors but I am hopeful that it will help any follower of Gospel Connections to grasp where it is this blog is headed.

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