7 Reasons Why I Love “Trinity”


I have had the extreme privilege of pastoring in the same church these last 18 years.  Recently, we have been going through some big changes.  One of those changes is our name.  We are no longer Sovereign Grace Church.  We are now officially Trinity Community Church.

Here are a few reasons why I like our new name.

1.)  I didn’t “pick” the name.  Why, you ask, is this a reason for Tim to like the new name?  Well, it is because it represents a healthier day for us as a church.  Let me explain:

In the past, I was the SR. Pastor.  Emphasis on “Sr.”  Which means I called the shots.  Sadly, this created a lack of input, a lack of decision making accountability, and wisdom.  Structurally, I believe this has hindered us.  Don’t get me wrong, God has been kind!  He has blessed us over the years and has used this church in spite of the Sr. Pastor.  But, a few years back we recognized we needed to make some major shifts in how we do things.  Now I am one of 5 elders, and I love it!  The elders sought to hear from the church and gain input from everyone who was willing to chime in on the name.

In the end, I liked a couple of names.  Some of the elders really liked Trinity. I was a bit more….indifferent towards the name.  It was a joy for me to participate in the conversations and not feel the need to lead the charge.

2.)  I like the name!  As we kicked around many potential names, Trinity grew on me.  I went from indifferent to passionate.  In the beginning of our discussions it sounded old, dated, and, well…. Catholic.  But, the more we chatted and prayed the more the name stood on its own.  TRINITY!  I love it!

But more than that….. It is rooted in who God really IS.  He has revealed Himself to us as 1 God in 3 Persons.

“Seeing God as both one and three is important because through this we can understand better the ways in which the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit relate to one another and do their work.”  Bruce Ware

3.)  It is a name with historical roots:  Trinity (as a name) has endured throughout history.  And, it’s is not going anywhere in the future either!  A historical name for a contemporary church that loves historically rooted doctrines.  We love theology, and rather than shying away from theology, we seek to embrace it and help believers understand it.  Trinity IS theology!

4.)  I like the idea of being a contemporary church with a historic name.  People will be doing a google search for churches in Brevard county and when they see Trinity Community Church perhaps they will think of an architectural style, or a certain denomination, or a particular liturgy.  We don’t really fit into most of the boxes people will want to put us in.  Trinity Community Church is a people who deeply love and celebrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

5.)  There is one God:  The Father is God, The Son is God, The Spirit is God.  When we look at each aspect of the Trinity we are looking at relationship in the Godhead and relationship with us.  The Father, Son, and Spirit all participated in your salvation!  We will be looking at each of these in future posts in an effort to make some Trinitarian Gospel Connections.

6.)  It has and will stand the test of time.  Trinity is a name that will last.  We trust another name change will not be needed in the future!

7.)  Trinity is worship.  It is not just a term or factual information to learn for knowledge sake.  It is worship.  To consider the nature and the extent of the Trinity is to be found in awe of our great God!


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6 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why I Love “Trinity””

  1. Thank you for this post. I struggled with the same feelings as you when the discussions on a new name were happening. My family and I all thought the name sounded “old” so we will all read this post and discuss it. Well said in how God transformed your thinking on the name. Looking forward to more. Can’t wait to see how God uses the name change for His glory!

  2. It’s kind of neat hearing about the process all the elders went through, how you grew to love the name ‘Trinity’, and the dimensions of that name. I love it too! Thanks for sharing.

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