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Have you heard another company is threatening to pull its business operations in North Carolina?  Have you heard that company has recently announced they will block North Carolina citizens from their business? Have you heard who the latest business is to protest HB2 (The public facilities privacy and security act)?  I can’t make this stuff up!!

The Huffington Post has reported that a major porn website has begun to block any North Carolina IP address from its website. Instead NC users will only find a black screen.

The Irony:

So, let’s get this straight.  HB2 is a law passed in NC that keeps the girl bathrooms to be exclusively reserved for…. girls and keeps the boys bathrooms exclusively reserved for…. boys.  Wow, did I just type that? Have we lost our minds? Yes, it might be a good thing as a society that we “discriminate” against those who “identify” as the opposite sex so as to protect our women and girls from sexual predators! The above sentence is not hate speech, it is love speech. As a society we need to love our woman and girls more! We need to protect them! And to think that allowing the opposite of HB2 won’t harm woman and girls is to stick ones head in the sand.

  • Does anybody seriously think that sexual crimes against woman will not increase where predators will now have legal access to women’s bathrooms?
  • Does anybody think it is a good idea to allow a man access to the bathroom with our wives and daughters in the name of not discriminating?
  • Will crimes of rape, assault, cameras, and all the rest we hear reported on the news daily increase as a result of transgender bathrooms?

On to the irony of a porn site protesting HB2:

A pornography company is in the business of immorality. That is what they sell by luring men and women into “death by porn” (Future Post). Yes, porn brings death. It does so by destroying marriages and families. It takes away children’s innocence, and corrupts our society.  It takes a woman’s body and shamelessly, shames her. It exploits her to turn a profit. (I say her because that is where the money is at its greatest profit. So sad.)

And yet, this porn company is outraged. How dare North Carolina legislate and pass such a bill as HB2. And this company won’t take it standing idly by either. No – they are making a stand. They will no longer allow customers access if they live in North Carolina!

Hey, perhaps this company could get all the other porn sites to follow their lead!  (And……Real estate value just increased in North Carolina!)

“As for the moral absurdity of a porn company boycotting North Carolina’s bill, that would be like the Mafia boycotting a company because it intimidated its workers.  Or bartenders boycotting a car service because its drivers drank while on the job. Or strippers boycotting a clothing store because its blouses were immodest. Or prostitutes boycotting customers because they weren’t respectful to women.”  Michael Brown

The Non-Irony:

Yes, this company is in the business of exploiting woman. It turns a fast buck by hurting woman. And so, in the end, it is no irony at all that they would seek to advance the exploitation of women and girls.  They do not have society’s best interest in mind. They want to make more money –  that is the goal – and, if  it hurts others…. so be it.

Congrats to the state of NC, you have accomplished something monumental. A porn website has closed its doors to those living in your state!

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