The Manger’s Call

Only at Christmas

Might we hear

Prepare Him room

And Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer

Only in December – this time of year

In the midst of all the holiday cheer

Do we find some who worship

And others who would not dare

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Does anyone remember why?

We hear it on the radio

We joyfully sing along

But, few rightly remember

This, the angel’s song

Tip of the hat

Nod in mild agree

Sure, I am ok with this

the King of all kings

But, give Him my life

Serve Him with my all

You have crossed a line

How dare you have such gall?

A Savior and a Clause

All mingled together

Hardly indistinguishable

Lumped into one big ball

Glory to the newborn King

And Down from the chimney

Fresh new arrangements

Sung in amazing harmony

Happy Holidays – Merry Christmas

And spread some kind of cheer

Does it even matter

Should I even care?

I say yes!

For the King has come

Not as one would expect

No crowds, No room

Just a stable

A manger

and a baby, no less

That Baby

God in the flesh

Will go from that place

And welcome His death

Receive the King

Who receives the sinner

Atoning for sin

Making right the transgressor

From garden

To manger

And on to the cross

The stone was rolled away

He rose for us!

Merry Christmas to the sinner

Merry Christmas indeed!

Not only at Christmas

Do we celebrate the creed

Come worship along

Come one and come all

Sing to the Lord, Sing

For He has resolved

Good news my friend

Yes, He has resolved

All that has happened

All that has gone wrong

Laying aside His glory

He took on human flesh

Offering forgiveness

And dying that death

Jesus the Savior

Human flesh and all

God dwelt among us

Reversing the fall

Oh Holy Night

Yes it’s true

It’s a call to worship

A call to me and you

Celebrate and sing with them all

Our Savior has come

Worship Him together

Hear the manger’s call

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