Your Input Is Needed!

Many of you are regular subscribers and readers of the Gospel Connections blog. Thank you for following, thanks for reading!

Many of you know that I am on a sabbatical, enjoying time with my family, resting, and writing a book. This is where I need your help. I need your comments to help me to land a title and subtitle!

Before I launch into possible titles and subtitles, allow me to give you a very brief overview of the book.

The crazy thing about the book of Esther is that it never mentions God. Not once! At the same time king Ahasuerus is referred to over 100x’s! The beauty of the book of Esther is that the king who “appears” to be on the throne, ruling and reigning… isn’t. He has lost control of his kingdom, beginning with his wife Vashti.

All the while, God is Thee King who is in control, sovereignly ruling and reigning for the salvation of His people then and now….

Though God, our faithful King, is never mentioned, He is the King who is at work in the lives of His people.

Ok – so much more could be said, but I hope you get the idea. So help my out here by commenting below with your top 2 choices of titles and subtitles.  Also – feel free to mix and match.

And / or shoot me a different title and subtitle, one that is not listed.

  1. Esther:  God, the Gospel, and Esther
  2. Esther’s Gospel: Finding Hope When God Is Seemingly Nowhere To Be Found
  3. Esther: Where is God?
  4. Esther: God Where Are You?
  5. Esther: The God Who Is There
  6. Esther’s Gospel: Behold our king, Behold our King
  7. Esther: There Was A king, There Was A King
  8. Esther’s Gospel: Finding God On The Pages Of Esther

OK – Don’t click off of this page, PLEASE – give me your comments below!  

Thanks for your input! 

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36 thoughts on “Your Input Is Needed!”

  1. I love “The God Who Is There”. It goes great with the theme of Esther AND it is one of Francis Schaeffer’s best works :) win/win

    1. This (#3) is clearly the best choice of the ones listed. But if you’re still taking suggestions…..”Esther and the Unnamed King” or something like that could also work

  2. Something like, “God is there all the time, All the time God is here.”

    I would sense that your books title somehow has to reflect the attribute of God “being” all the time.
    He is not dependent on our realizing that He is here, or that we acknowledge that He is.
    God is and always will be. We don’t impact that.
    A person may not even believe in God… But that doesn’t change anything about God.
    The truth is He is and He wills and we don’t change that.

  3. Number 3 and 5 stand out to me. I also like the idea of contrasting God and gods in the title, especially being here surrounded by a multitude of gods and the people who are blinded to their powers, kept in fear and kept from the knowledge of the true God.

  4. They are all good titles! #2 really resonates with the message of hope for the hopeless. Another thought would be: Esther: God’s Grace in the Gallows. We’re praying that God directs you and gives you His wisdom. Can’t wait to read it!

  5. #8 Esther’s Gospel: Finding God On The Pages Of Esther
    Also, no matter which one you end up with the title Esthers Gospel definitely grabs my attention and makes your intentions known.

  6. I really like # 2 and # 5 or a variation of # 5: Esther & The God Who Is There.
    Also like the comment above or something like: Esther: Finding God Where He Isn’t Mentioned.

  7. Asking the Lord to give you direction on title just like he is on the book.
    Thinking back on my years in book sales titles are important. What will grab a person’s attention and draw them in to want to read a particular book. Right this hot minute I like 6 and on 7 I would do Esther: There Was A King, There Is A KING. Can’t wait to read!

  8. Esther’s Gospel: Revealing God on Every Page ……… or …….. Esther: Unveiling God & the Gospel …..or…….Esther’s Gospel: GOD is the KING ……or……Esther’s Gospel: The KING Who Appears

    That’s all I got :) …praying for you!

  9. I like #2 cuz my wife does :) and I like #8 but i would add to it:
    Esther’s Gospel – Finding God on the pages of Esther even when God is not on the page.
    Esther’s Gospel – a story all about God without ever mentioning God
    Esther’s Gospel – It’s all about who? I know, dorky but its kinda funny when you read it in your head to the tune of It’s All About You and since it is all about Him…..yeah, anyways maybe it prompts a better idea…maybe not. Love You Tim!!!!

  10. I like the feeling of #6, Esther marries the king, under the guiding hand of The King. How often do we go about life believing we are control?

  11. Really like tying in the gospel

    Esther’s Gospel, or Esther & The Gospel,
    The Gospel according to Esther…?

    Subtitle: Faithfulness in seasons of God’s Sovereignty

  12. Double dipping! 😊 Esther’s Gospel – Trusting the God who is Always Working Behind the Scenes

    – God Has a Will and He Will have His Way.

    – When You Want to Trust God but You Can’t See Him Clearly

    – You Really CAN Trust God

    – Faith that Believes Without Seeing

    Thank you for including us in your process!

  13. I love #2 and #8. Also Andrews suggestion:
    “Esther and the unnamed King”. So now I gave you 3 answers Tim, lol.

  14. I like Austin’s #5 and I like #7 like this – Esther: There was a king, There was a KING! and a suggested title- Esther: God’s Active Presence Displayed

    Jeff’s suggested title- Esther: A Tale of Two Kings and he likes Esther: God Where are You?

  15. My input Tim for what it’s worth…
    “Esther … God Secretly Planning in Love”
    I look forward to reading it. Sandy

  16. I think Elizabeth Merwin’s title is perfect…Esther: God’s Grace in the Gallows. A catchy oxymoron that would entice me to read your book.

  17. Just saw this definition of providence that made me think it would be good to include… 😜
    Providence: subtle, secret influence of divine activity

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