A Very Brief Post (Update)

Coffee Obsessions Woods Hole, MA

Thanks for your prayers and the many words of encouragement regarding writing a book, (See here). I am back from my sabbatical which proved to be an amazing time of rest and writing.

Next, thank you for your comments regarding a book title…..  (See here). The title of the book is, Esther’s Gospel: The God Who IS There. Thanks to all of you who chimed in with suggestions! Your input really made the decision very difficult (in a good way). As it forced me to wrestle with so many great ideas. Many of you chimed in with comments about Esther’s Gospel: The God Who IS There and I think that this title is both engaging and it really encapsulates what the book is all about.

Pictured above is the coffee shop (Coffee Obsessions) in Woods Hole, MA where much of the book was written.

Coming Soon: I hope to blog next week an image of what the cover of the book will look like.

To those who are a part of Trinity Community Church. Thank you so much for your prayerful support of my sabbatical with my family. We truly had an amazing restful time together. We made memories that will never be forgotten. I love you church and can’t wait to worship our Savior together this Sunday!!

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