Book Cover Concept – Quick Post – And Input Needed

First, I want to say “thank you” to all the “Gospel Connections” subscribers for praying, providing input, and  offering a ton of encouragement along the way! So many of you have told me that you “can’t wait” to get a copy of the book. At which I think, “I can’t wait to be done!”

It has taken a few years to get to this point, but I am thrilled to soon get it out there!

Next, the above is a screen shot of a possible cover design. I would love your feedback!

  • Keep it or Trash it?
  • Keep it and tweak it?
  • Start over?
  • Is it eye-catching?
  • Too much info or not enough?
  • Suggestions Please!
  • If you do not provide a comment below – the device you are reading this on will self-destruct in 30 seconds!
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23 thoughts on “Book Cover Concept – Quick Post – And Input Needed”

  1. My spontaneous impression was, “Looks classy, but took me awhile to recognize the “King” chess piece. Is there one with a more conspicuous crown. It won’t matter for my kindle edition – jus my 2 cents.

  2. My first impression- finally a book about Esther that looks like it isn’t just for women. Looks strong and powerful, like the book of Esther deserves.

  3. P.S. Everything else just right, except I wish I had waited a minute to answer. This “legacy” iPad is obsolete and 90% of updated apps require newer ios.
    (dang ol’ first world problems)

  4. From someone who pays the bills with design work: the concept is interesting, consider moving the composition to the right so the “queen” is half revealed on the cover and wraps the spine to the back cover. Move your name under the title, you’re a great guy but this being your first book, the subject & title will cary more weight than the author. Kerning between H/E in “Esther” feels a little loose. Leave some breathing room between your title and the surrounding box (or is that the software?)
    -Congrats on your first book!

    1. Love the ancient manuscript effect of the colors and texture. I agree, I didn’t know they were chess pieces until I looked closer at the queen. Great ideas from Matt and others. It may be on its way to editing but there are typos in the book description. We. Can’t. Wait!!

  5. Love the concept of the cover, however, I believe the chess pieces need to be more dominant! Also like Matt’s comment of having the authors name less dominant than the books title.

  6. I love the concept of the chess pieces however at first glacé they aren’t very distinguishable. Just read previous comments and no reason for me to say more. Really was nice to see the comment by Matt Hoag, takes me back many years to your great friends and great times.

  7. The book is coming to pass and it’s exciting! Only thing I would change is making the king chess piece more recognizable. My piece has been said.😉

  8. Can’t wait for this book!
    I would move the title up higher on the cover, and move your name smaller, below it. I don’t like the chess piece. I understand the concept, but it’s image is confusing by the fact you have to try and figure out what it is. It needs to be “cleaner” so that you know what it is instead of trying to guess… the idea though!
    Another possible thought is to move the title up and put the explanation of the book in the space where your info is and move your info( about the author part) below it by the bar code area. And your name exactly how it is-smaller in the area below the title on the front if that all makes sense.
    I would also spruce up the title on the edge. At the top-Esther’s Gospel with the words going in that down the spine direction, but possibly a box below it that says or the words between 2 lines that says “The God who is there” facing face forward(not turned, but straight on) Then below it in a different Font-your name, going down like the title.
    Love the colors and the concept!
    Hey! You asked!!
    Just my 2 cents x 50! haha

  9. Hope you don’t mind me chiming in: enough said about the cover. My thoughts: Bio sentences a little choppy. Something like ‘Tim Merwin has served at Trinity Community Church as lead (or head) pastor since it’s inception in 1996, providing leadership and oversight to the church. Married to his beautiful wife Kim for twenty-seven years, they live on the Space Coast in Titusville, Florida, with their two youngest children. They also have an older son and a daughter that are both married. You can follow Tim …’. Just another 2 cents – for what it’s worth! I know God will be honored with the writing of this book!

  10. Looks pretty good to me. Has a modern-yet-not-trendy-or-too-contemporary sorta look to it. I say go with it so the printing presses can start spitting copies out asap!

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