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If you have not already done so, snag your copy of Esther’s Gospel, The God Who Is There. If you are a Kindle user, there is a sale on the book that ends today!

.99 cents!  

Excerpt taken from the back cover:

What does the Gospel of Jesus Christ have to do this little episode tucked away in the Old Testament? How are we to think about a book in the Bible that never mentions God? Is the book of Esther anything more than a good moral story for the children’s ministry? Is it a romance, a “Cinderella” story of sorts?

What if, instead, Esther is pointing to the startling reality of God’s sovereign rule and reign then and now? Could it be that Esther has a lot to say about our lives today? Is it possible that, though unnamed, God was there all along? Peer into the pages of Esther, and behold the God Who Is There!

If you are looking for a Christ-centered understanding of Esther and if you love the Gospel of Jesus Christ, you will love this book!

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