Did you know the bible regularly connects the gospel to our everyday lives?

 Gospel Connections is primarily about the Gospel of Jesus Christ lived out in our daily lives.  In this blog I will attempt to write brief articles that are both; theologically accurate and simple to follow.  Your time is valuable, I will keep the posts short and to the point.

My goal in writing is to help us to not only “know” the gospel.  In addition to knowing it, my desire is to help you connect it to our everyday, ordinary lives.  In so doing, my hope is to help you understand your Bible.  Did you know the Bible regularly connects the gospel to everyday life?  The Bible connects  the gospel to:  marriage, parenting, relationships, the church, suffering, prayer, lust, and the list goes on.  So stick around and let’s make some Gospel Connections together!

Perhaps you would like to freshen up a bit on what the gospel is….  you can do so – here.

What sort of gospel connections are you making?  I would love to hear from you along the way!

If you want to know more about me, check out my bio – here.

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