Just For Fun

People have been asking about traffic in India. One word describes it:  Crazyinsanitymadnessnorulesatall!

I am shocked that we never got in a wreck. I did not take the above or below videos. I tried, but, it is hard to capture from a back seat of a car.

This video is probably not from Ahmedabad, but it does represent it fairly well.

Except, the roads in Ahmedabad were typically more crowded.

Anyway, you get the idea….






They say a good writer grabs your attention with the first sentence.  That is how Psalms 63 was written.  Right out of the gate David lands on the dry and weary soul.  It’s a thirsty Psalm.  A hungry and parched Psalm.  Written from the wilderness, the psalmist knows something about living thirsty.  Check it out!

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