How Is Your Urgency?

How Is Your Urgency?: By Lea Lockhart

I was rereading a page in one of my old journals. It was an update of a time when Allen had been in the hospital for a few days, but the update wasn’t about Allen; it was actually an update about his hospital roommate at the time. His name was Tony and by his strong accent, we knew he was definitely from Jersey. He looked like a very weak old man, but despite the fact that Tony was very ill, with tubes running here and there, Allen and I got to know him pretty well over the three days.

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A Little Story From India


India boy


Finally, a post dedicated to pastor R.

Pastor R. lives in the slums of India. When he, his wife, and daughter first moved into the slums, they were greeted with harassment. The people didn’t want them there so they dumped their trash outside their front door and cut the locks on their home.

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The Plan


The Plan


If you are at all like me, sometimes you struggle with the plans of God.  Bottom line….  I struggle because I think I have a better plan.  Isn’t that what it all comes down to?

I think I have a better plan.

I am not getting what “I” want.

I think I would do a better job if “I” were sovereign.


It is sad…. but, it is true.

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Drilling Down

Drill Bit


So, here is the question:

  • Why were you created?
  • Are we random accidents of the universe?
  • I think not…..  But if not….. why did God create man and woman in the first place?
  • Was God lonely or needy?
  • Maybe God had a “leaky love cup”?

God is…… God and so He is complete in every way in Himself.  I have no category for the Almighty God of the universe to have any such need or loneliness!

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