6 Minutes With John Piper And The Gospel

I don’t personally know John Piper.  I have read a lot of his books, listened to many sermons, but… I don’t know him.  I have gained much from him over the years.  Sometimes…. I pull him off the shelf, grab a coffee, and start reading or listening.  I like to think of it as if I am sitting down with a friend.  So why not grab a coffee with John Piper and the gospel today?

  • Below is a 6 minute video.
  • 6 minutes is all I ask.
  • 6 minutes of pure gospel.
  • 6 minutes of the most important thing this world has ever known!


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11 thoughts on “6 Minutes With John Piper And The Gospel”

  1. So I ate my breakfast with Piper sharing the Gospel this morning… I can’t think of a better way to start the day! My heart is full of gratitude to my God and burdened for those who may not know the Savior. Sharing in hopes that the good news will spread! Thanks Tim!!

      1. Richard and I had the privilege of hearing John Piper speak twice last weekend. We both came away with a renewed passion for our Jesus!!

  2. Thanks for that message

    As John Piper so clearly reminds us we need the Gospel and it’s message of Unmerited Grace every day .

    We are all imperfect sinners that will never live our life without failures and trials . It is only by Gods Grace and his mercy that he allows us to be part of His eternal plan. Thru Christ we are adopted sons of the cross of Calvary.

    As believer’s we are to walk with him each day of our lives tuning away from our sinful nature by the power of the Holy Spirt.
    God does not need us but we desperately need him.
    We need to be reminded of the Gospel so that we never lose site of the Cross
    To God be the Glory 

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