What’s A Gospel Disconnect?

Gospel Disconnections

Before we dive into making Gospel Connections we need to look at two deadly gospel “disconnections”! My hope is that by first looking at the disconnections we will then be able to make good connections.

Deadly DISconnect:

#1.) Knowing the gospel wrongly and

#2.) Knowing the gospel factually.

(Hang with me, I know the second one has you wondering…!)
First, lets dive into knowing the gospel wrongly. To know the gospel wrongly is a deadly disconnect. Now, I know very little about electricity. Actually, I know enough to be…..DANGEROUS! Here is the extent of my electrical knowledge: You have to connect these wires over here to those wires over there! Scary right!! My friends, Allen Lockhart, Justin Brothers, Tony Luna, and Chad Smith (all skilled electricians) can attest that I have the ability to make even the simplest wiring, extremely difficult. Or even…. perilous.

Key: if you are going to wire your house, you would be wise to gain the knowledge needed so you don’t harm yourself or others! In other words (and this is for the guys) don’t wing it!!! It is interesting that in our culture today many people are satisfied to just “wing it” when it comes to the gospel. Think about this! How safe would it be for me to come into your house and wing it electrically speaking? (That’s right – the place where your children sleep!) So, I begin to wire it up. As I do so, I say to you: “I think this red wire goes over here and I think that black one will probably work just fine over there and…..” By this time, you are rightly throwing me out of your house!

All to often, people are comfortable “winging it” when it comes to the gospel. They will say such things as: “I think the gospel is this” or “this is what the gospel means to me….” Now think about that. The gospel IS the good news of Jesus Christ. There is no better news…EVER! For in the Gospel sinful man is offered, LIFE! As a matter of fact, any version of the good news that we create that is not God’s version of thee good news…. is a lesser news. But worse than that, it is a dangerous news. Because not getting the gospel right is a matter of eternal life and death.

All to often, people are comfortable “winging it” when it comes to the gospel.

So, let’s not wing it when it comes to the gospel. Let’s not land on some cliché version of the gospel, or our individual opinions of what we “think” the gospel is. Let’s wrestle with rightly knowing the gospel. You see, In order for us to EVER be able to connect the gospel to life, we first, need to know the gospel. A Post coming soon: What Is The Gospel? However, before we get to that post I will hit on the 2nd deadly gospel disconnect and that is Knowing the gospel factually. You won’t want to miss it!

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8 thoughts on “What’s A Gospel Disconnect?”

  1. We can be wrong about electricity and suffer little damage but can also be wrong about electricity and perish. Same can be true about the gospel, however, learning about the gospel by learned scholars can be enlightening and profitable.

    1. Sounds like you are saying we can be wrong about the gospel and suffer little damage and can be wrong about the gospel and perish…..(just like electricity) I know what you mean – and I know you dont believe you can be wrong about the gospel and suffer “little” damage – but for the sake of the readers…… I want to be clear – that being a little wrong about the gospel is no small thing. Let’s all fight for gospel truth and then look to connect that truth to life. A post on What Is the Gospel – coming soon!

  2. If we don’t have the correct gospel we have a gospel that doesn’t save. It’s important to know the correct gospel. When we don’t have the right gospel we end up having cults like the mormans and Jehovah witness.

  3. Excellent Tim! If we do not preach the right gospel, then we do not preach the right God and we are accursed. (Galatians 1:8) I’m so thankful for your faithful God-centered preaching and leading!

    1. Carmen, Isabel, and Susan, Thank you so much for checking out Gospel Connections!!! You are an encouragement to me today! And more importantly, thank you for your love for the gospel! What a Savior!!!! SGC Titusville – misses you!

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