There Stands A Cross – Poem

There stands a cross, near not far-

See it: on the cover of the Book,

Around the neck,

In the cool morning mist Of the ‘ol graveyard.


It cannot speak

Yet it says so much;

Inanimate, it is not.

Powerful, is its touch!


Interesting the way

Our culture thinks:

How she finds no offense

In this symbol or its sentiment.


Only sees it, grasps it,

And wears it in gold,

Thinks little or nothing,

Of the glory there to behold.


And yet she is offended,

Not by the symbol itself,

Nor by the Savior.

Offense comes by what it represents:


A Savior for sinners,

A Redeemer crucified.

Culture lacks understanding,

And does not wonder why.


I want to say loudly,

The best way I know how,

“It is because we are great sinners–

Great sinners who do not want to bow!”


We can’t save ourselves,

By works or by effort, or any such thing;

Sinners require much more

For the forgiveness we need.


No, not my goodness;

No Buddha, Mohammed, or Krishna will do.

I need a Redeemer, The Savior

To bring this good news!


Yes! Jesus, the Savior did come.

The Son of God Himself,

Born of the virgin,

But in this His work was not done.


He was born to die

that we might now live.

Jesus, My Savior!

Do you know Him?


It was no accident

That he came; that He died.

For God had predestined

That He would lay down His life.


There stands a cross

Quite and still.

Yet speaking loudly

On Calvary’s hill.


Jesus, MY Savior!

My Redeemer, and my Friend

I will worship you forever

And ever without end….


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