My Request For Prayer

The elders of the church I pastor, Trinity Community Church, have provided my family and I with a sabbatical.  I am a very grateful pastor!  So, today I find myself in a coffee shop in Falmouth, MA – are you kidding me!?!  It’s amazing here!  At least it is in the non-winter months….

We are having the time of our lives and I am so thankful to the church I call home and the elders who made this possible!  Also, while we are away, I am seeking to write a book.  There, I said it….

I have desired to do so for a few years, and yet, I have hesitated to say those words, “write a book”, for many reasons.  I want to toss out some of the reasons why.  And, in doing so…. ask for your prayers.

  • I do not consider myself a writer.  I am more aware of my limits and lack of skill than any level of gifting.  The task is daunting, I can easily become disillusioned and discouraged.


  • Now that I have said I am seeking to write a book, it places an unhelpful amount of “accountability” to the task.  I feel the pressure to “finish”.  (my fault – not yours)  I am saying to myself, “why did you tell them, why not just keep it quiet?”  The simple answer is…. I am in need of your prayers!  So, Thank you for praying!


  • The book is about Esther.  Why Esther, you ask…?  Well, since that is part of the point of the book, I certainly will not reveal that now….   (Guess you will have to get the book….. if…. I ever finish.)


  • Fear of man….  writing has revealed a whole new dimension of fear of man.  You know…. putting your thoughts in print is so….. permanent!  I find myself daily praying and speaking truths to myself, such as:
    • Am I writing for the approval of man or the approval of God?
    • Am I wanting to faithfully serve the Lord in this task I believe He has led me to, or do I just long for man’s praise?
    • For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying toplease man, I would not be a servant of Christ.  Galatians 1:10

Please pray for wisdom, clarity, endurance, and yes…. it is a sabbatical so please pray for rest.  I love serving God in my local church and I want to continue as long as He provides the grace and strength to do so….

Also, please pray for my home church.  Pray for Alex Bowman who gladly took on my responsibilities, in my absence, and please pray for the elders.

Note:  Due to the above, I will blogging short posts or none at all.

Thanks for praying!

Soli Deo Gloria

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17 thoughts on “My Request For Prayer”

  1. Your many years of faithfulness to the Lord and to those you serve has resulted in a rich deposit of wisdom. I look forward to what you have to share in your book. John 7:18 The one who speaks on his own authority seeks his own glory, but the one who seeks the glory of him who sent him is true, and in him there is no falsehood. You are a man who seeks the glory of him who called you. My wife and I have a deep respect for you , you and your family are an encouragement and inspiration to us. My prayer is that while you are away it will be a rest and refreshing time. We are so very glad you will be writing but our hope is that you would feel the freedom to do nothing and that you would have an increased realization of Our Saviors love for you.

  2. Dear Tim, Don’t stress yourself! Love you loads, young nephew. Rest in the Lord…don’t let the pressure of writing stress you on this much needed sabbatical. Just the fact that, by God’s Grace, you are still alive! Our family was afraid we would loose you to cancer many years ago and here you are, years later, a living testimony of the Lord’s Mercy. Good grief, you don’t have to write a book. Praying for peace and rest.

    1. Thank you Angie! My blog post may have been confusing…. I should have added…. I have found that writing has become more of a relaxing hobby than a stress – I am grateful for the time away to do some writing that I just can’t do in the daily grind. Thank you for praying!!

      1. If writing is relaxing then write away…glad you have this time to put down in words what God has laid on your heart.

  3. Just read this and then immediately heard Bob Marley’s words in the song 3 birds in a tv show I’m watching… “Don’t worry about a thing because every little things going to be alright.” It’s yours my friend! Tim if God’s put it in your heart; you’ve got this! Relax, open yourself to whatever he provides you. Hugs! Jill

  4. We, Terry and I know that you will glorify God and he alone in writing this book, read Proverbs 12:1 in the King James; As thou goest thy way shall be opened up before you. And he will lead you in this great season. Praying for it to all come together, as we are sure it will. Praying that every nano second will be like the richness of the anointing oils flowing through Aaron’s beard! Be blessed Tim

  5. Regarding “Fear of Man” and motives – Surf’s Up !!! God will send His sets; the best we can do is a SUP without “His Wave” anyway…
    To your “test of motives” two things come to mind: “Leave them alone. If they be of man, it will fade anyway; if they be from God, we couldn’t stop them if we wanted to…”
    AND “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that taunts the armies of the Living God”. Pull out His stones from the Jordan River crossing and have at it!
    Amen Maranatha

  6. Good to hear from you brother! Sounds like you are really enjoying NEW ENGLAND!
    Most Patriots do.
    Don’t let all of your understanding distract you from resting and knowing that He is God.
    Time is going to fly so while your away don’t forget,…. Carpe Diem.

    Praying for you, your family and all that God wants to do.

    1. Thanks Mace – I enjoyed walking downtown Boston with my Dolphin hoodie on. No comments (like I had expected) from the local “Patriots”…. But, I did have some transplanted Miami fans that were quite vocal in their support. :-) Thanks for praying – missing you guys tonight….

  7. Ah, the rich history, architecture and food! How can you not be inspired being in a place where God so blessed a people that set out to worship Him freely in a new and undiscovered land? They endured so much and lost so much yet were so compelled to stay! They landed on Plymouth Rock and staked their lives on The Rock of Ages. Drink it all in, friends! Love you!

  8. Tim, Although you are not my pastor, you are the man who presided over the ceremony Cynthia and I nearly 21 years ago. I saw you for the man of God you were back then and know for a fact that God was and is not through with you yet! He has proved himself through the trials of Lymphoma, the bad news from people who said you could not have children and many more. The blessings of the Lord have been overwhelming in your life and proof that He is the only one who can be trusted and is faithful to put your trust in Him!
    I know that he will give you the thoughts to place on paper and the words to bring forth from the Word in a way that will cause those who read them the ability to understand the Word of God.

    1. Thank you Mark for your kind words and encouragement! Makes me wish we could grab a coffee and catch up.
      21 years ago…. really?!? Wow, can’t believe I presided when I was only 10 years old!

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