I Never Understand

I Never Understand

By Lea Lockhart


I never understand,

Yet, I was there

You say you are His,

But you don’t really care

You say you love Him

He’s the Savior after all

Born in a manger

born to die due to the fall

You say He’s your God,

But you won’t speak His name

The cross held his bod

Are you embarrassed or ashamed?

Whatever it may be

He bled, died and rose for you and me

Risen to glory

This is not just a story

Seated at His right hand

I hope you understand

In power He’s coming

So are you born again?

He’s the caller of hearts

Amen, Amen, Amen

Do not keep on shunning

Satan thinks he’s cunning

Jesus loves you so

He loves you head to toe

Hesitate not, you cannot afford

Surrender your heart and live for the Lord

At the final end, in Awe we will be,

Glory to God, and a bended knee

Tongues will say and confess

Jesus is Lord and all Righteousness


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